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I have over 6 years of experience with Limesurvey and am happy to help!

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Open Source

Looking for Limesurvey tools and plugins? Click here.

Advice and quick fixes

How to use Limesurvey optimally for your project? What steps are needed to make sure the privacy of users is protected? And what is the best way to setup a long running research project? Together we discuss what's the best way to make your project a success. Do you have a small problem that needs fixing? For example how to use the expression manager or why something isn't running the way it should? Use my QuickFix: send in your question and I will help you as soon as possible.

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Plugins and custom solutions

Sometimes Limesurvey's default functions are not enough: often a plugin is the solution, at times Limesurvey itself needs editing. Need a custom dashboard to show results to your clients or respondents? Or would you like to connect your Limesurvey installation with Zapier and connect to their huge ecosystem? Together we discuss your wishes and see which solution is best for your use case.

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Limesurvey Training

Are you (and your company/department) using Limesurvey? Get everyone up and running in one morning or afternoon. I offer both workshops for beginners and more experienced users. Both workshops include and extensive onboarding survey to make sure the workshop fits the level of expertise and that specific areas of interest are discussed. Each participant receives access to a test server to try out Limesurvey up to one month after the workshop.

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About me

I am Stefan Verweij, owner of Evently and working with Limesurvey for over 6 years. Evently evaluates courses and provides online exams for companies, universities and local governments. I also build custom solutions for fellow Limesurvey users.

My open source software

I've created several open source Limesurvey plugins. Feel free to download them, fork them, change them and use them in any way you want. Pull requests are welcomed, but please check the contribution guide first!

  • LimeRemote PHP Package

    A package to use the Limesurvey Remote Control with PHP, and Laravel in particular. Currently it supports all default remote control actions, and any actions you have added using the Extended remote plugin.


  • ZestHook

    Limesurvey Plugin that allows you to send a post request on each survey completion

    Download Blogpost Github

  • GDPR plugin

    A plugin to allow users to see and optionally delete their token data

    Download Blogpost Github

  • LimeZap and Zest

    LimeZap is a tool to connect your Limesurvey installation with Zapier. Using Zapier, you can connect to the huge number of services they support. For instance, you can create aa new row in a Google spreadsheet everytime someone submits a survey, or the other way around, create a new token everytime someone buys something in your webshop.

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    Zest is a tool to automate your Limesurvey instance. Easily schedule invites and reminders, copy and migrate surveys, add participants and create secure client pages.

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Workshop Pricing

All workshops take place during a half-day session, consist of an extensive online intake and homework assignment to assess the required level of difficulty, a test Limesurvey installation to practice with before and after the workshop, and the option to focus on specific parts or questions.

Beginners workshop
From 475
  • Max 6 - 8 persons
  • Focussed on beginners with zero or little experience with Limesurvey
  • Setting up a survey, creating groups, using the different question types, setting welcome text and closing remarks
  • Manage users, tokens, sending invite, reminder and confirmation e-mails, activating and starting survey
  • Check results, create reports and graphs, security and privacy best practices
Advanced workshop
From 650
  • Max 6 persons
  • Focus on advanced features, requires a good working knowledge of Limesurvey
  • Delve into the more advanced Limesurvey features
  • Assessments and calculations
  • Quota's, question filters and the Expression Manager
  • Template manager, plugins, variable end urls
  • Using JavaScript, the remote control and config.php