Online evaluations, exams and research without the hassle

Evently takes care of everything, from setting up responsive surveys to creating beautiful, insightful reports

Options & Pricing

Quick, safe and easy

Evently handles everything for you, from creation to delivery and reporting.


Just send us what you need evaluating (a program, brochure, a list of subjects or older paper evaluations) and we will send you a small demo and quote within 2 days. All good? We will finish the survey and wihtin 48 hours you are ready to go. Rush job? Just let us now, and we will do our best!

Exams and testing

Turn your exams and tests fully digital: Quick, safe and immediate results. You deliver the questions, we will take care of the rest. Participants get immediate feedback, you receive immediate results


Connect to any other services you need. Using Zapier, we can connect and interact with any of the online services supported by Zapier.


Starting at 150
  • Up to 20 questions
  • 500 responses
  • Logic for skipping and routing questions
  • Over 30 different question types
  • €5 per additional question
Exams and tests
Starting at 200
  • Up to 15 questions
  • multiple choice with 1 or more correct answers
  • Live results
  • Certificates of completion possible
  • €10 per additional question
  • Where does it work

    Everywhere: our platform is fully responsive: all our surveys and exams work on desktop, tablet and phones.

  • Security and privacy

    You and your respondents data are safe with us. We store as little as possible, and our surveys are set up with privacy first in mind. All our servers are located within the EU, and our surveys have a GDPR compliant unsubscribe and see my data link that allow respondents to see and if necessary delete their personal data.(not their responses though)

  • How long does it take to set up a survey?

    While partially depending on how complicated a survey is, surveys are almost always ready within 5 working days, and a rush job can be done within a day.

Open Source

Where possible, Evently uses open source software, including Limesurvey. Are you already working with Limesurvey or planning to? Check out our free plugins and tools for Limesurvey and see how we can help you further.

Limesurvey tools